Proust lately

“Let us leave pretty women to men without imagination.”

At the outset I would like to imagine that Proust was someone who thought that the beauty he saw in the physical world (women ) and other manifestations of nature or art as the unique beauty, which only he could appreciate.

To phrase it better, he might have felt that a lot of beauty went unnoticed and unappreciated where it was due because of lack of better imagination .

He might have meant no Ill-will towards the popular beauties who were fancied during his time.

But as a man who prided his own intellect ,he might have felt himself equipped with the sixth sense of discerning the kind of beauty which was unseen and unknown to others .

One can say that the parameters of beauty are so fluid that they cannot be judged in one physical state.
What one looks ten years back may not be how he/she looks like now.what is beauty in one city may not be worth noticing in the land across the ocean.

What is true is that there is beauty at all times in different forms in every being.It is seldom acknowledged though.

I wonder why people don’t compliment generously when something interests them keenly.

Few words of genuine appreciation may make Somebody’s day.
It is hard to believe that one is unable to find no amount of beauty in the other person. There is a matter of beauty in everyone and being unaware of it just means you are surrounded by people who  won’t let those things out into open.

While the quotation is somewhat degrading of the men who get fascinated by the conventionally accepted parameters of beauty and strive to catch the attentions of women who fit those parameters, it also adds value to those men who look beyond what everybody sees and strive to seek the depths than covering the length and breadth of it.


That is how the belief in society is strengthened .
There are men and women who would be genuine with their caresses , hugs and smiles.
Who would say something nice and mean it.
Who would look for the good parts in you and appreciate you for them .
And who would know that faults , blemishes and wrinkles are experiences and quirks which only make one better with age.


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