Proust told me-2

We are all of us obliged, if we are to make reality endurable, to nurse a few little follies in ourselves

Swann’s Way & Within a Budding Grove

This makes a lot of sense on a more practical day to day survival basis.
The instinctive guilt and subsequent time lost over worrying about a seemingly unacceptable flaw in one’s personality (with regard to the society) , something which may have hurt someone in the past or may have been something trivial (one’s choices , liking) ,which resulted in difference of opinions or a heated argument , can and should be kept as a snapshot in the memory storehouse , only to be recalled in an event of dire requirement.
Acceptance of one’s personality traits , plus or minus can serve as a balance for evaluating a lot of things about and for oneself  .
When we make our personality as a standard for judging others is when differences arise.
If we are to ponder for long over every misdemeanor on our part or even other person’s part, we would stand the chance of losing out on time kept for making pleasanter, enriching memories .
It is better to forgive yourself , at least for relatively subtle issues so as to give your mind a balanced state for it to focus on important issues .

In the long run, the continued accumulation of guilt ridden thoughts can serve as fodder for self depreciation and negativity.

A lot of scope thus opens up for personal progress when the time lost on trivial thoughts is saved.


3 thoughts on “Proust told me-2

  1. It can take a loong time to learn this (trust me) and it so easily becomes a habit to beat ourselves up for perceived mistakes, or denigrate ourselves for faults we “uncover” via comparison with others. I’ve been working on overcoming that tendency for quite a while and still backslide more often than I’d like!


    1. Thank you for stopping by My lady! Much like you, I have the sane tendency of over analyzing my actions with respect to other’s and it goes nowhere .No two people have the sane growth curve and yet it is very difficult not to feel that the grass on other person’s side is greener.I keep reminding myself that I am the only one I should be compared with.I do tend to work in isolation because of the same as it makes me focus better on my own progress.


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