Where I belong


Searching for the last verse of depth, to hold on
I sang an unheard song.
Climbing the fallen steps and withdrawn,
There I crawled to, where I belong.

Not where,the sparks they fancy ,
But a blanket to keep warm.

Not there with rapturous joy,
But a bottomless calm.

An unrest of unfamiliar, 
Kept pulling me down
An unexpected 
Stroke of novelty,
Painted a new dawn.

An eye that seeks,
And not one to look down
A brow that breeds will ,
And not one to frown on

With a hand that holds,
A strength to look upon,
I found my restless feet,
Planted firm on the ground

Rising to windy heights
Seemed too trivial and forlorn
There I came to find my roots,
Spreading deep and growing strong.


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