I Can and You Can

I can’t remember the moment when I realized what I wanted to do in life.As my mother tells me,that was the only thing that I enjoyed role-playing for hours .

I was fascinated by doctors since early childhood(as far as my memory goes).I tried to act as strong and brave as possible and grasp as much I could in my appointments with pediatricians and vaccination clinics. The fact that I was a somewhat of a sickly child, made me see them more often.

As Cerebral palsy was something I did not understand as a child, I would hear my family talk about my brother being “spastic”.I knew it to be a severe handicap without a cure.For years I saw him being moved in and out of Operation Theatres and i’d go to school early in the morning ,uncertain and anxious.I’d stay calm though .I could pray and wait.I would hear that surgery was successful and my brother would stay in hospital for days,catch infections,become critical then recover and come back home.

These things used to go on in the background as they were more or less planned events and things were never perfectly alright.I knew they could never be.But all this was a part of our lives ,then and was something not normal but usual.

Sometimes he would have seizures and there would be panic again .That was much later though.in the earlier years I was convinced that physiotherapy would show progress in him.Color ,music and speech therapy were tried too.I could sit for hours holding his hand ,coloring apples and bananas in his drawing book.

These were the years when I realized how Medical professionals could do something about so many things and bring hope.My basic instinct was strengthened over time with these experiences.

Then I lost my brother and became hopeless to the extent of doubting life and it’s worth.I had to do something about it and I had no idea what.I still wanted to be a doctor but I had to know how to do something that would make me feel less guilty and my life more meaningful.

some years later, I did become a doctor but the motivation in me had withered with time.I questioned the ability of medicine and my own abilities.I just wanted to make people happy and smile but a lot of them would just pass on in front of me.I did not want to become mechanical about my emotions and yet they were tiring me out and tying me down.I felt helpless when a life was lost.

I still prided at myself for being strong and calm in the heat of situation but it was affecting me internally.

A lot of other deaths in the family and relatives dejected by doctors made me wonder if I really was up for such a demanding course in life where death and suffering was inevitable and uncontrollable.

As I was still in the process, I had some conversation where It dawned upon me that the motive of a doctor is not only to save life but also to improve the mental and physical well-being of a person who is suffering.Not only to provide a treatment but a cure.

Taking care of my grandmother who is just waiting for her turn since my grandfather passed on, made me feel helpless again about having no solution to her problems.It was old age after all.there weren’t too many things that could cheer her up when she lost her sight.

But isn’t a life well lived happily more important than just living.Somethings are uncontrollable but there are hundred times more things which we can do as we desire.If only we try to make them happen.yes there are challenges but they are there to be challenged and overcome.

There are so many lives which are lost at an early age, there are lives which are meant to be saved.Some are saved and some are not.But for all those that are saved,if there wasn’t a doctor who decided to do his job well, they wouldn’t have been saved.

There are a lot of things that science or medicine hasn’t discovered yet.the things that we know are increasing by the day(number of volumes of my text books have for sure ;))

From 1915 through 1997, the infant mortality rate declined greater than 90% to 7.2 per 1000 live births, and from 1900 through 1997, the maternal mortality rate declined almost 99% to less than 0.1 reported death per 1000 live births (7.7 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1997) (3) {Source- CDC }

What do these figures show if not the phenomenal improvement in healthcare due to the more we know in medicine.

This shows that lives can be saved and improved if there is strong will and determination.And for those lives that are cut short too soon, the best possible care,support and therapy can still be provided to ensure enriching experiences and a content departure

This was thethe HBO documentary that motivated me to do something out of my education and experience.”

“Life According to Sam” .A 14 year old who waswas” older and wiser” than his age in numbers.He is no more with us today but I’m sure that his wish of doing something big is being fulfilled through many of us ,who he has inspired.


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