dark mindedness

With each passing day, my mind seems to be opening darker alleys to my inner sight.The potential of my mind to play in the dark, amazes me and makes me wonder who or what I actually am. Is acceptance to my darker side , the solution to my confusion? Or am I over thinking and troubling myself over something that harbours in every mind and runs through everyone’s circulation. Each one of us has some quirk in us to our credit or lack of.Do our quirks make us abnormal or are they just some glimpses of our personality , locked up only to be visible to us?( like those photos on Facebook that only you can see and are hidden from others) We protect are darker instincts for the fear of being judged by our close ones.projecting one’s worthy qualities and thereof finding acceptance from people at large is what drives us. Some people reach the peaks of acceptance , that is , popularity, stardom.some of us just enjoy the healthy peaceful coexistence. But what about the dark side inside you?doesn’t it crave for acceptance and doesn’t it makes you feel guilty when you have to push it down and act responsible. What is the answer to this?


4 thoughts on “dark mindedness

  1. I think it has to do with self acceptance and balance. Most of what you ask here are questions that only you can answer from within. You mention the darker side of you – that can mean anything. So without clarification I can only speculate what you mean.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by again Jackie!:). It’s more of a journal entry and I think I was troubled by my nonchalance to a lot of things happening around. To me It makes perfect sense to remain detached and maintain my mental sanctity by isolating myself but in a society one is expected to mingle around as if everything is hunky dory and be positive at all times.well isolation is better than being judged but that also comes at the cost of feeling guilty of losing out on friends.

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