Flying Lanterns


This has to be one animated movie that every young woman/girl must watch.

Thousands of lanterns flying in the sky.

The amazement on their faces.

How beautiful light is!

Such joy it brings to the heart.

What better metaphor other than Love.Love brings joy which has no bounds.

Lucky is the one,who can find such a love ,that guides ,leads ,brings joy and can fill the whole sky,like light.

tangled1 Isn’t this scene, a treat to the eyes?

tangled-2It just leaves me spellbound every time.The beauty of it all,the splendor.


One thought on “Flying Lanterns

  1. I love well-done beautifully animated movies, which covers most (but not all) of Disney/Pixar and several (but not all) of those produced by Dreamworks. Although not a fan of the Japanese anime genre itself, I think the Hayao Miyazaki classics (which have been distributed by Disney) are often both beautiful and touching.

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