dark mindedness

With each passing day, my mind seems to be opening darker alleys to my inner sight.The potential of my mind to play in the dark, amazes me and makes me wonder who or what I actually am. Is acceptance to my darker side , the solution to my confusion? Or am I over thinking and troubling myself over something that harbours in every mind and runs through everyone’s circulation. Each one of us has some quirk in us to our credit or lack of.Do our quirks make us abnormal or are they just some glimpses of our personality , locked up only to be visible to us?( like those photos on Facebook that only you can see and are hidden from others) We protect are darker instincts for the fear of being judged by our close ones.projecting one’s worthy qualities and thereof finding acceptance from people at large is what drives us. Some people reach the peaks of acceptance , that is , popularity, stardom.some of us just enjoy the healthy peaceful coexistence. But what about the dark side inside you?doesn’t it crave for acceptance and doesn’t it makes you feel guilty when you have to push it down and act responsible. What is the answer to this?


Flying Lanterns


This has to be one animated movie that every young woman/girl must watch.

Thousands of lanterns flying in the sky.

The amazement on their faces.

How beautiful light is!

Such joy it brings to the heart.

What better metaphor other than Love.Love brings joy which has no bounds.

Lucky is the one,who can find such a love ,that guides ,leads ,brings joy and can fill the whole sky,like light.

tangled1 Isn’t this scene, a treat to the eyes?

tangled-2It just leaves me spellbound every time.The beauty of it all,the splendor.

Trauma and Joy: Four Stories About Adoption


The stories of adoptees are not open-and-shut case files—they are complex and messy. In these particular stories, you’ll meet a young woman who fought for her three brothers, a group of stridently anti-adoption adoptees, an eager couple waiting by the phone, and another couple coping with the myth of post-racism.

1. “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.” (Nishta Mehra, Guernica, March 2015)

You can feel the urgency of Nishta Mehra’s words, like she’s crafted this essay in her head so many times and now, finally, has it in writing. Here is what happens over and over again, she says. Here is our family: a white woman, an Indian woman, a black toddler son. We are full of love. We face many questions. We have much to fear.

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

The on-going evergreen “get out of the ditches” quote

The Daily Post

Thomas Edison, inventor of  the commercially practical incandescent lightbulb (among other things) and natty dresser. Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb (among other things) and natty dresser.

What can we, as writers, photographers, artists, and bloggers learn from American inventor Thomas Alva Edison? Plenty, as it turns out. Edison is famous for many inventions, including the phonograph, a commercially viable lightbulb, and the motion picture camera.

His success resulted from trial and error, and many, many failed experiments before creating a lightbulb that could last 1200 hours, just as an example. He could have stopped. He could have given up. He chose to frame his work in a positive light:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Edison’s philosophy is particularly compelling to anyone who does creative work:

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.

How many rough drafts, spoiled drawings, and blurry photos have you created before that stroke of serendipity? Are you looking at a…

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