This is my first post and the name of my blog ,deserves this much explanation,atleast.

It’s hard to imagine a world where I was peacefully unaware of the much heard and loved music of La vie en rose .It first came to my notice as the music playing in the background during the adorable “breaking the ice” scene between Wall-e and Eve in Pixar’s Oscar winning movie “wall-e”.WALL-E-EVA-PIXAR

The movie is an epitome of how less words and more silence romance of two bots can bring tears in your eyes.

To say that the song made the whole scene magical,is undermining it’s effect.It was the bone and flesh of it.

I did not look up for that song then,as I was overwhelmed with emotions.

Next I heard this song was in another movie Something gotta give , a mature adult romantic comedy.I was rapturus upon hearing the music for the second time and made many more of my friends hear it.

What i experience is similar to how the fur elise or swan lake , engulf me in fluffy clouds which cuddle and cradle me at exactly right points and my spirit dances with joy.


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